The new protections Alpinestars Fierce expand the wide range of products to protect your knees and elbows in a fall during the practice of Mtb.



Unlike other Alpinestars products which we have already talked about, the protections Fierce are characterized by their small size and very little "invasive" on the mobility of the limbs. Obviously, the protection is therefore reduced and therefore are intended for less extreme freeride, the training shall be decommitted at DH and in all those situations where you do not require a high degree of protection, given the ease of the trail, its reduced danger or the reduced speed at which it faces. Protections are, therefore, very wide use. As all Alpinestars guards are regularly CE approved and are made of elastic fabric and breathable, with mesh inserts at the back of the cap, velcro closure and elastic and silicone edge to prevent the protection moves from the right position. The protection is made of soft material with low memory, which absorbs the blow and distributes it over a large area. They are available in all black.

Off road test


The protections Alpinestars Fierce are very lightweight and compact, well made, like all Alpinestars products. Will wear with extreme ease and the elastic bands provided with Velcro allow to maintain the protections perfectly adherent to the body. The protection offered to the central part of the articulation is more than excellent, while compared to the other protections Alpinestras, lacks the extension towards the lower part of the arm and leg. This solution offers less protection, but has the advantage of leaving great freedom of movement. In fact, just a minimum of habit and almost do not notice the wear pads, especially those of the elbow are so unobtrusive that soon no one realizes to wear them. The protection of the knees is not bulky and as such allows to pedal a long time without apparent discomfort, while downhill is pretty much like not wearing it, such is the freedom of movement that leaves. As anticipated the protection offered is necessarily inferior to the classic protections, long and stiff, but will still allow you to have a sufficient protection in case of fall. Their use is preferably directed to those who do not face difficult and dangerous routes, where more guards can be excessive (even if the protection is never enough) by restricting the movements in simple stretches and pedaled. The fact that very little cluttered allows its adoption in all those situations where you would never think to adopt the protections, thus giving the possibility of a more passive protection. The reduced cost, approximately 50 Euro, the small footprint (they're safely inside the backpack), make it an excellent product, and to bring with you, and take in times of need. Cheaply made and a lot ... even with the limitations we have described.




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