BlueBoard | BCP-41W/BCP-45W

Big data in a tiny package.

Keeping track of your data is what matters to most of us. Because let’s be honest, you want proof when you’re breaking a speed record or most altitude ridden. Most modern computers tend to get bigger and bigger, but this is not the case with the BlueBoard computer of BBB Cycling. A new kid on the block, but with all the experience BBB Cycling has, stuffed into it. It’s a stand-alone computer, until connected to a smartphone. From that moment on, you’ll enjoy a completely new world with added GPS functionality, notifications, easy uploading to Strava and more, right in front of you. A three button interface makes sure the computer keeps it simple for every user. The BlueBoard is the high-end computer that does it all, packed in a tiny device.

Product specifications:

Wireless ANT+ computer with Bluetooth Smart connection to the BBB Bikeboard app.

Connect it wireless to your smartphone via Bluetooth to use it as a mirror and have extra GPS functionality.

Or use it as a stand-alone computer.

Easy upload to Strava.

Versatile bracket for handlebar or stem.

Three-button interface.

Use ANT+ rate sensors directly or use Bluetooth sensors through the Mirror mode.

Backlight with auto mode.

6 months battery life time on a common CR2032 battery.

A staggering 36 functions in stand-alone mode!

Even more functionality once connected to the Bikeboard app:

GPS height.

GPS track.



Music control.

Recommended retail price BCP-41W: €99,95

Recommended retail price BCP-45W: €119,95

*BCP-61DB included with the Blueboard BCP-45W.


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