Sealskinz merino wool socks - Test

We continue to discover Sealskinz products, with a pair of socks made of merino wool, breathable and waterproof, perfect for the coldest weather.

All gray model is recommended for trekking, while the green one is for the hiking.



The difference between the two, resides in thickness and thermal comfort, with hiking model, if possible, even hotter than trekking model. Both provide a valid breathability to the foot and does not run the risk that the same is cold because of the sweat which stagnates inside the sock. Being a good thickness, it is necessary to consider their footprint in the shoes fit, take up little less than half a number, so if your shoes are precise with the summer socks, with these you can't use them.



But once consider the right measure, perhaps with a winter shoe used in conjunction with these socks, you will discover a warm foothills to be frightening, nothing will stop you anymore.

A truly great product.

They can be found easily online, and are certainly worth their cost.



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