Sealskinz Gloves Cold Weather Extre Heated – Test

In the English Company's catalog Sealskinz, the most special gloves are convincingly the model Extreme Cold Weather Heated, heated and perfect for the most extreme winter temperatures.

Gloves Extreme Cold Weather Heated are characterized by being 100% waterproof and breathable, with knuckles formed toes, inner microfleece and heating system by a rechargeable battery.



Each glove has a special housing for the battery and a power button on the back. The battery lasts up to 5 hours and the button also performs the function of the battery charge status indicator, using three different colors, indicating a fully charged battery, charging or running low. The kit consists of course of the charger.



Once worn, apart from the extra weight, not so high considering the two batteries, they do not feel different from another pair of winter gloves, at least those "serious" for the real hard winter, the beauty is once you turn the "Heating" on and the glove heats up, with the hand wrapped in a unique and pleasant warmth that will accompany you throughout the workout, while outside there is the most intense cold. There is no downhill or wind that can be annoying, the heat of the hand will be unique and sometimes it may happen that also regret for the rest of the body ...



A product without a doubt very useful especially if you exercise consistently throughout the winter. It goes well on both road and mountain bike, as well as urban use.

Like other winter gloves, is bulky and requires a minimum of adjustment, but once used the hand to new perceptions, it is difficult to give up the nice warm that transmits when it's very cold outside.


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