CASCO FULL AIR RCC – great ventilation even up-hill

With its central large-volume air openings the CASCO FULL AIR RCC achieves an enormously effective ventilation and allows an impressive high air flow rate even at steep mountain stages.

This is possible by the serial helmet shield, which does not only look like a classical Tour the France cap, but also essentially increases the air intake by shovelling extra air into the helmet. The conspicuously huge central intake is only possible thanks to a sophisticated helmet construction and is based on the functioning of the CASCO time trail helmet SPEEDtime. Inside the helmet are huge ventilation channels for an efficient cooling of the cyclist. Apart from function CASCO again launches according to the company’s philosophy "The style of protection" a really aesthetic product, which is already nominated for the German Design Price 2017.

Size: 56-59 cm = uni

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