Suplest 2017 Edge3 road shoes

Our Edge/3 collection is a unique combination of technical highlights, cutting-edge design and performance orientated shoes with the needed comfort. We have been inspired by cyclists of all performance levels, to make and attractive range with all the needed features.

Our EDGE/3 collection is a small range with technical highlights. Our range is divided into 3 product families’, which are Road, Crosscountry and Offroad. Each product family represents a different way of riding and appeals to a variety of passions and styles. With our road shoes, we follow two main objectives: A stiff outsole and sophisticated Boa Closures which ensure a maximum in efficiency, but thanks to our Ergo360 concept you also get to enjoy a fair amount of comfort.

THE UPPER AND Boa® CLOSURE SYSTEM The EDGE/3 Shoes feature uppers that are made from an extremely lightweight seamless microfiber, whose open mesh construction offers a combination of breathability, suppleness and support. The Pro and Performance uppers are made out of an ultra-thin, seamless microfiber from Japan. The EDGE/3 Shoes are secured with the industry leading Boa® Closure System, which provides smooth and even closure without pressure points. Each shoe has reflective elements, which helps the rider to be seen after dark, in low-light conditions or while riding through tunnels. ANATOMIC WRAP AND CARBON-SCHIELD TECHNOLOGY The Anatomic WRAP Tongue construction has been built to accommodate multiple foot shapes and widths. The construction allows a maximum foot hold and is comfortable at the same time. Our Carbon Shield is a thin carbon layer, which spreads the pressure of the laces and offers a comfortable fit. SOLESTAR INSOLES Our Pro and Performance Shoes are equipped with SOLESTAR’s foot beds, which are specifically made for cycling. The patented insole concept is used by our ambassador Stefan Küng (BMC Racing Team) and many other Pro Tour riders. We have partnered with SOLESTAR® as they offer three major benefits for cycling: No loos of power, highest comfort and maximum stability.

New Aero Shoes

The suplest AERO shoe feature an upper which is an extremely lightweight, seamless microfiber. The shoes are secured with traditional laces covered by a lace cover. Our Carbon outsole makes sure that the power gets transferred onto the pedals.


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