New ROTWILD eDownhill Bike R.G+ FS

For more freedom – the first ROTWILD Downhill eMTB makes it easier to have fun riding a gravity bike.

From now on biking areas no longer need to be equipped with a lift or a shuttle as it is now easy to get to the start any time or place. Simply put - more fun, less organisation.

A gravity tube-shaped frame, agile 27.5" wheels and 200 mm travel form the basic parameters of the new e performance gravity bikes. The 500 Wh IPU is made entirely of carbon fibre and has an integrated shock mount. We also use the tried and tested Brose drive in the new R.G+ FS as we use in all our ebikes. It is completely decoupled and therefor ensures that no additional resistance is noticeable when pedalling after cutting out. In addition, the level of support can be individually adjusted, from very efficient to an extremely powerful mountain bike.

The dynamic characteristics of the R.G+ FS can be adjusted to taylor individual requirements in two ways. Individual headsets allow the steering tube angle to be adjusted to one of three positions: 0° and +/- 1.5°. The length of the chain stays can also be lengthened from 450 mm to 465 mm.

The new ROTWILD XLS chassis with 200 mm travel is designed to work best with the FOX X2 Air shock and offers highly sensitive responsiveness and high end progression. The anti-squat has also been specifically optimised to the higher chain hoist of an electric drive.

The R.G+ FS is available in two versions: Evo (8,999 EUR) and Pro (7,999 EUR).


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