Boo Bicycles, a young company from the United States, specializes in the creation of high-end custom bicycle frames that feature the extensive use of bamboo.

Their custom frames have had success at professional cycling in the US, and they have built a reputation among their discerning customers for their incredible quality, performance, and service.

The exclusivity enjoyed by Boo customers is second only to their appreciation of the bikes

Boo Bicycles continues its production of bicycle frame tubes of bamboo and carbon fiber lugs. The range of bikes are vast and includes different types of models: MTB, Urban, Race. In any case, performance is more than excellent; model Boo "R" reaches a weight of 6.38Kg, the model "AluBoo" is made from bamboo with aluminium lugs and well 500Watt electric motor, for urban and bikes that can reach 65km / h.