In April 2015 we presented our new SUPREME DH V4 for its first World Cup appearance in Lourdes.

With the HPP (High Pivot Point) system, the bike does not go unnoticed and neither do the results of the riders after two full seasons!

The SUPREME DH V4 is born!

Back to 2017 and just like its little brother (the META AM V4.2), the SUPREME DH V4.2 is the next in line.

By keeping the original spirit, this new release is a step forward in evolution and performance.

What’s with the «.2»?

- A new kinematic with a longer reach

- A new one-piece rocker

- The new anchorage of the Contact System

There are numerous advantages to such a system.

Optimised wheel path, reduced kickback and high Anti-Squat for better pedalling.

Let’s start with wheel path.

When the bike is not moving it’s difficult to differentiate how the HPP will affect the suspension but in action, it’s a different story.

The rear wheel moves backwards and what better tool to absorb hits?

This rearward axle path extends the chainstay length, bringing more stability and grip.

It’s simple and effective.

To counter the influence of the chain, there is an idler positioned near the main pivot, which eliminates harmful kickback.

The suspension is then not at all affected by the chain.



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