All-mountain Experience Amplified

BMC Switzerland turns a page, and starts a new chapter with the introduction of the Trailfox AMP, entering the world of e-bikes with a strong statement and setting a new benchmark in the e-MTB segment.

BMC set out to achieve one major objective with the creation of the Trailfox AMP: to improve on what already exists on the market by creating an e-mountain bike that surpasses rider’s expectations regarding ride quality and looks. The Trailfox AMP’s completely revised, Trailfox-inherited geometry concept ensures that it stays true to rider’s demands for a capable, all-mountain bike, while it's highly innovative, yet functional design concept seamlessly embraces the latest in Shimano e-technology. For an amplified all-mountain experience – the Trailfox AMP is your new go-to bike.

We decided to create our first e-mountain bike when we absolutely knew that we could im-prove on the existing offerings,” says Stefan Christ, Head of R&D BMC Switzerland. “We nar-rowed the areas of opportunity, down to the ride experience and design. A great all-mountain e-mtb should meet trail rider’s needs for a capable mountain bike while leveraging the thrill and fun of extra power on the uphill. The Trailfox AMP, with its e-bike specific APS suspension, a carbon frame, and an impressive level of functional integration - complimented with Swiss design-driven looks, is a superbike – we are really proud of the outcome!”

Tailored e-MTB Geometry and APS Suspension

BMC engineers have tailored Advanced Pivot System (APS) suspension and applied it to the Trailfox AMP. The re-calculation of APS’ kinematics, pivot placement, and leverage ratios, together with an e-specific shock tune gives the Trailfox AMP a true all-mountain attitude.

Antoine Lyard, BMC MTB Product Manager, explains “Our over-arching goal in the develop-ment of the Trailfox AMP has been to deliver the same legendary ride-feel of its EWS-proven counterpart. We’ve tailored its geometry to accommodate a powerful drive unit, while at the same time preserved the level of agility and ride quality synonymous with the Trailfox.”

The Trailfox AMP’s slack head angle is combined with a long front center to provide stability, while its bottom bracket is slightly higher than on the regular Trailfox to avoid pedal strikes on technical uphills. Chainstay length has been kept to a minimum to re-iterate its nimble, responsive handling. Additional loads generated by it being an e-MTB, have been addressed with upsized bearings and links, while a one-piece rear triangle ensures torsional stiffness targets could also be met.

Twin Hollow-core Technology

The Trailfox AMP boasts what BMC calls “Twin Hollow-core Technology.” Developed at the BMC Impec Lab, this new carbon technology is BMC’s solution to the challenge of creating tube shapes big enough to accommodate a battery, yet stiff enough to qualify as the front triangle of an e-mtb.

Maximized Integration

When it comes to integration, no stone was left unturned by BMC, the proof being the amount of customized technical solutions used. The Trailfox AMP’s customized Drive Unit cover protects, yet at the same time smoothens the frame surface. Chain stay and yoke protectors provide added frame protection and keep noise to a minimum when riding rocky trails. The battery gets its own cover that mirrors the frame shape while integrated speed sensors in the rear triangle make wheel changes quick and easy.


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