Yooniq Urban Bike is one of the new 2013 Urban Biking and is a good example of innovation. Compact as a folding bike, it differs for light weight, build quality, performance and safety. The project was born to create a urban bike, small and compact, to can park it at home and office, with very low dimensions, similar to folding bikes, but while overcoming their weight limits and safety.

The compact, lightweight chassis is designed to join small diameter wheels, in only one size, with tall head tube and adequate stiffness in the area of the seat tube, short to fit all sizes. The wheels are tires of great width, to ensure stability, security and comfort.

The two disc brakes allow the necessary braking safety even in wet conditions. The rear hub is the three-speed gearbox, while a dual chain guide protects clothing from dirt.

The surface finish is unique, titanium-coloured, with gold trim. You can also buy it online at a price of about Euro 789; a proper price to constructive care of this particular bike whose benefit is to combine the small size to a dynamic behaviour similar to a traditional bike, allowing you to move around town with maximum comfort and safety and with the ability to easily carry the bike inside buildings or car/train/subway. Finally a new and excellent example of modern urban commuting.