Parlee TTIR: the world´s first triathlon specific disc-brake bicycle

The all-new model debuts disc-braking technology for multi-sport athletes to help them achieve personal-best performances

Parlee Cycles, a global leader in cycling frame design and manufacturing, introduces the TTiR, the world’s first disc-brake equipped triathlon and time trial bicycle.

The all-new TTiR is the first to feature integrated disc brakes. Rim (or caliper) brakes force a rider to brake early and lose speed in corners and descents. Parlee testing and research indicated traditional rim brakes can hamper performance in both triathlons and time trials. In a sport where speed is time and time is everything, disc brakes—like those making their debut on the Parlee TTiR—make the most sense because they allow cyclists to maintain more momentum without performance losses common to rim brakes.

It’s simple: when you can brake smarter, you go faster,” explained Parlee Cycles founder, Bob Parlee. “We’ve eliminated the significant drawbacks caused by rim braking, and designed a bicycle that helps riders accelerate faster and maintain that momentum throughout their race. Wet-weather performance is also far superior,” he added.

The frame works as a complete system to maximize a rider’s efforts, where small details can add speed and reduce time over the course of a time trial or multi-sport event. The TTiR features

through-axles that simplify wheel changes. Now, riders can swap training and race-day wheels quickly and easily without worrying about brake alignment.

The wind-tunnel-tested frame also includes integrated carbon Speedshield™ rotor shrouds to further reduce wind drag over disc-brake rotors. Plus, the TTiR is built with Parlee’s legendary road feel that improves rider comfort without sacrificing speed.

With a new marketing campaign that encourages triathletes to “Become a Disciple,” Parlee Cycles is taking a bold step to turn braking into a positive force. It’s a move that other bicycle designers and manufacturers are sure to follow.

Parlee will begin shipping the 2017 TTiR in November 2017, with complete frame modules starting at € 5,999.00.


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