Yeti unveiled the new SB5C, full with 127 mm of travel.



The new frame is in carbon fiber, but above all is new the link of rear suspension "Shitch Infinity" patented by Yeti, which ensures an absolute separation between the suspension work and the influences of pedaling on the same. The new frame in carbon fiber has tapered headset, with sloping very accentuated and the particular shape of the area of the bottom bracket. Just above the bottom bracket, in fact, is the link Shitch Infinity, which joined the triangle of the rear suspension, the rear shock is Fox and is anchored to the down tube and to an additional link. The rear triangle, carbon fiber, is made in one piece without any presence of bearings. The seat post has a diameter of 30.9 mm. The bottom bracket has standard PF30. The suspension is Fox DCT with 127 mm of travel. It is available in six sizes and two colors: black and the classic Yeti Turquoise.

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