In the little but well-prepared Viner stand at Eurobike 2011 was exhibited the new range of Road and Mtb bikes 2012, all new models we have already discussed in the main details. The Maxima RS2 has been completely revised in the section of pipe, in the main triangle and rear. Still widely customizable in each component. Also revised Mitus 0.5, which gets a new fork and new sections of pipe. Same for the upgrade Perfecta 2.11, which has a new frame and new fork. Unpublished models Gladium and Extrema 1.2. Of all these models have already been widely discussed. Completely renovated including the range of mountain bikes with wide coverage to the 29-inch bike. Refurbished models SF 11.7, SF 9.6 and SF 8.4; new models SF 11.7 29er, SF 9.6 29er and Race VR 29er, even these models have already spoken so widely. Confirmed the range of bikes in steel, stainless steel and titanium-carbon. The photo gallery of the new bike is online.

This is the Viner Mtb range for 2012:

2012 Viner 11.07 SF

Viner SF 11.7 is the new Mtb bike with carbon fiber frames made in Italy. New rear triangle, lightweight frame that now weighs 1100 grams.

2012 Viner 6.9 SF

Viner SF 9.6 has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the weight is 1150 grams.

2012 Viner 8.4 SF

Viner SF 8.4 is a new chassis for the Mtb carbon monocoque weighing about 1200 pounds.

2012 Viner SF 11.7 29er

The MTB frame with 29 inch wheels receive the same updates as the 26-inch model. The frame is made in Italy and received new tubes and different geometry.

2012 Viner SF 9.6 SL 29er

In this case, the frames has been revised and updated, starting from the 26-inch model. The monocoque chassis is carbon fiber.

Viner VR Race 29er SL

The chassis has been updated and revised geometry and dropouts.

Viner Mitus evolves further, it reaches 0.5 version. The banded frame is made always in Italy, receives a new front triangle, with a different section of the tubes and a different stratification of carbon. The frame weight down to 1kg net. The fork has a weight of 400 grams.

In addition to the new RS2 Maxima, Perfecta 2.11 and Mitus 0.5 are the other new features for the 2012 Viner Road Range.

2012 Viner Gladium 2.0

Also new is the frame Gladium 2.0, carbon fiber monocoque, but now with a new geometry, less sloping. The frame weighs 1080 grams and the fork of about 400 grams.

2012 Viner Extrema 1.2

Viner Extrema is a new 2012 model. The frame is carbon fiber monocoque weighing 1100 grams, the fork has a weight of 400 grams. Still widely customizable assemblies.

2012 Viner RCX Carbon

Viner RCX Carbon is the new cyclocross bike, with carbon fiber frame made in Italy. The frame weighs 1200 grams and is mated to a carbon fiber fork.

2012 Viner RCX AL

Viner RCX AL is the cyclocross bike with aluminium frame made in Italy. The brakes are disc. The fork is carbon fiber. The frame weighs 1400 grams.

2012 Viner THR Carbon

Viner THR Carbon is the new time trial bike with a monocoque carbon frame, weighing about 1275 pounds.

2012 Viner THR AL

Viner THR AL is the time trial bike with aluminium frame made in Italy.