All New 2023 SCOTT Solace eRIDE 2023 review price and technical sheet


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All New 2023 SCOTT Solace eRIDE 2023 review price and technical sheet

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The ALL-NEW Solace eRIDE is both a Road and Gravel platform, two bikes in one. With a clean do-it-all design, generous tire clearance and carbon frame, the Solace is a lightweight E-Bike package with an excellent range. Longer rides are encouraged with room for both 1 water bottle + range extender or 2 water bottles and suitable bike frame bags. 

Both bikes share the heritage of the SCOTT Addict Gravel frameset, a bike that is already a class leader in the lightweight gravel sector.  
The Tech behind The ALL-NEW Solace eRIDE

Despite having an open bottom bracket for placement of the drive unit, we have reached very similar stiffness values compared to the Addict Gravel. Having such a compact system like the one that TQ has developed played a key role when building the mounting points where the motor and the battery are assembled in the frame. Compact and minimalistic mountings help to keep a smooth carbon construction in the frame structure, avoiding bulky or complicated interfaces.  

The Solace eRIDE features SCOTT’s stiffness backbone concept. Two areas can be differentiated in the Solace frame when talking about the carbon structure. Firstly, for areas where the rider is in direct contact with the bike, we have a specific distribution of the carbon layers to provide a comfortable feeling while riding. In contrast, stiffness patches are implemented on the bottom side of the frame, where most of the weight is located, as well as where the pedalling forces are applied. This leads to a great balance of stiffness and comfort. 

Drawing on its endurance focus, the Solace features a slacker head tube and longer wheelbase than the Addict eRIDE giving it a very stable ride. Handling is confidence-inspiring and gives a very safe feeling to the rider. Following the same geometry numbers as the Addict Gravel was the perfect solution for providing the Solace platform with a gravel character. In terms of numbers, the only difference is a slightly longer chainstay length (+1cm). Stability, optimal weight distribution and bigger tire clearance are the reasons behind this differentiation between the two platforms.  

Thanks to the silent TQ HPR50 drive unit, the Solace eRIDE enables you to hear the sound of nature without distractions. The bike’s light weight means it can easily be used without any assistance, an added benefit being the motor has almost no drag allowing you to use the battery only when needed optimizing the range. For a road or gravel E-Bike platform this is very important. The higher the drag from the motor system, the harder - and more awkward - it is to ride above the legal limit threshold of 25km/h (EU). No such issue with the TQ system. Either switch the motor off or step down the assistance level to preserve battery life and enjoy a natural pedaling feeling.

The compact and light TQ HPR50
TQ is a German company founded in 1994 who specialize in electric components across a range of industries including aerospace, medical and infrastructure. With the HPR50 motor, they simply rewrote the rules, delivering an unprecedented weight/torque ratio of 1.8 kg for 50Nm. With a diameter of 8cm, TQ has innovated by using a harmonic gear system. This allows for a reduction of size, while also increasing the accuracy of the system. This results in a lighter bike, better integration, while reducing drag for a more natural pedaling sensation. At the same time, this technology also allows for a reduction in system noise for a truly natural experience. After all, you are in the outdoors to, well, enjoy the outdoors.

To maintain a clean cockpit, the TQ system puts the accent on device connectivity and a minimalistic display located in the top tube. At a glance, the LED display provides all the essential info like the battery level in %, the range in KM and the mode. Thanks to an integrated power meter the RPM and watts are also provided. You want more? Link up your phone and dive deep using the app, available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With an automatic Bluetooth connection, you can customize your modes. Want to use it with a bike computer? That’s no problem - utilize the built in ANT+ which allows connection with a bike computer such as a Garmin, Hammerhead or Wahoo unit. 

In addition to the 360Wh battery integrated in downtube, all Solace models are prepared to use an additional 160Wh range extender. The Solace’s range extender comes as an accessory and looks like a simple water bottle.

Thanks to TQ's expertise and unique cell efficiency, battery capacity is optimized to the fullest. The E-Bike’s system automatically adapts to having two power sources with SMART technology.  

This means that, when using the range extender, the system will prioritize its drainage before calling onto the use of the Solace's integrated battery. Plus, when the range extender is emptied the transition between power sources is automatic and seamless. You won't even notice it. 
SCOTT specific quick-release system makes it easy to swap the range extender in for a bottle cage tool free.
The complete system can be charged in one go too. With the range extender in place, just plug the smart charger into its port. As before, the SMART system will prioritise the E-Bike's internal battery charge first, then top up the range extender, so you’ll never be caught short when heading out to ride. The charge time is fast, the main battery can reach 80% in just two hours of charging. 

The Solace 10 and Solace Gravel 10 models are supplied with a range extender battery in the box. For all other models, it’s available aftermarket. 

When not using the Range Extender, it’s possible to quickly switch the freed-up mount to use a 2nd water bottle cage. Quick and easy. 

The Syncros Creston IC combo handlebar allows complete internal cable routing for mechanical or electronic cables and disc brakes. With this intelligent construction, it has never been as easy to adjust the position with spacers. All Solace eRIDE models are equipped with a Syncros cockpit Creston IC combo on the Solace 10 and Solace Gravel 10 models and a discreet cable management system for the two-piece handlebar/stem cockpit on other models. A clever design means that swapping stem lengths is easy with no cable cutting required. 

Fender kits are available for both Solace Road and Gravel from Syncros. 

Solace eRIDE is light-ready and compatible with a range of Syncros products so you can stay visible any hour of the day. Using the smart box in the toptube it is possible to directly connect compatible light systems to the main battery. 

Solace Road and Gravel are compatible with a dedicated kickstand from Syncros. 

Stay updated and connect your preferred bike computer with the Solace to get all information needed about your ride. The cockpit will fit any of the standard Syncros mounts for the Creston cockpits. 



The Solace eRIDE will be available as a Road and Gravel options. All models feature a carbon HMX frame. The collection will total 6 models including 1 dedicated Contessa women specific model.




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