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Bosch Performance CX eBike engine problems and defects reported by its owners, Bosch Performance CX engine problems, Bosch Performance CX engine defects, all the defects and problems of the Bosch Performance CX ebike engine and the solutions


The Bosch Performance CX ebike motor is very reliable.

Problems usually arise from a combination of factors.

Very rarely is the Bosch Performance CX ebike group used in full.

What breaks is therefore not the Bosch Performance CX component, but a component that replaces the original Bosch product.

Another problem is maintenance.

Although this is limited, owners of Bosch ebikes often do not perform it correctly and in the end the problems emerge in all their severity, which would not have emerged with correct maintenance.

Another problem is changing the maximum speed, many apply the kit to double the maximum speed, to this point the excellent reliability of the Bosch Performance CX engine drops inexorably.

Yet another aspect is the general neglect of the vehicle.

Leaving the ebike outdoors, not washing it properly, not carrying out periodic lubrication, etc., drastically reduces the life of the components of the ebike motor unit.

Another problem is falls, from which it follows that the engine seems intact but this does not necessarily mean it is.

Finally, battery life, continuous recharging and always working at maximum current absorption reduce its life.

More serious problems are with the torque sensor, which can break, with the connection to the instrumentation, which breaks, and with the direct breakdown of the electric motor (rare event).

Bearing breakage is easier, especially in more demanding off-road uses.

Ultimately, however, if the Bosch Performance CX engine is used fully, the maintenance is correctly carried out, the ebike is used correctly, there are no problems, in fact it is one of the most reliable and long-lived ebike engines.


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