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Publisher: Marcella Crisanti

R.S. Registration Court of Spoleto n. 1 of 02/01/2012

VAT number: 03241120546

R.E.A .: PG-275335

R.O.C .: 22166

E-mail: info (at) ciclonline.com

Responsible Director:

Dr. Marcella Crisanti

Degree in Humanities with honors from the University of Perugia

Master's Degree in Letters with Honors at the University of Perugia

Journalist registered with the Order of Journalists of the Marche

Twenty years of experience as a sports journalist for local and national newspapers

Founder of the magazines: Cyclonline.com Ciclonline.com Ebikenews.it Autopromonews.it

For a direct contact write to marcella.crisanti (at) ciclonline.com



Thirty years of experience as a journalist in specialized sports and fitness magazines

For direct contact write to luca.salvatelli (at) ciclonline.com


Dr. Marco Trionfetti

Doctor of Modern Literature

Twenty years of experience as a publicist in local sports and current affairs newspapers

Former Amateur Cyclist, Pupils and Juniors category

For direct contact write to info (at) ciclonline.com with subject: Marco Trionfetti

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