The bike has been designed in cooperation with the German rider.

The graphic team had an opportunity to have a sit down with him to go over some ideas. “When brainstorming we covered topics from teamwork to his Harley Davidson which lead me to the idea of explosive speed.” Declared Ron Jones. ‘I spent some time researching this subject and came across the CERN particle accelerator and some of the experiments performed there. They shoot electrons towards each other at the speed of light and record the impacts which create these awesome explosive graphics.”

The colors and randomness were a perfect way to demonstrate this power. In order to capture these graphics, Specialized created some futuristic spacecraft looking darts and shapes using a combination of liquid silver paint like F1 cars use and small chrome details to make the design pop in the sun.

Overall I think it Marcel’s Venge came out really cool and should be pretty unique in the peloton!” concluded Ron Jones, Lead Road designer at Specialized.

I like this bike a lot and I really thank Specialized for having prepared it for me right before the most important competition of the year.” Sid Marcel Kittel. “It will be an extra motivation for the race. What impresses me the most about this bike is the contrast between the alloy colored frame and the applied decals. They are an explosion of colors and they represent in a way what happens in a sprint, an explosion of power and speed. It’s also in part what happens to your muscles when you break into a sprint. I’m happy that this great project has become a reality.”

Photo ©BrakeThrough Media



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