Pinarello Dogma FS test review

pinarello dogma fs 2020 prezzi

If you need a test or a review of the Pinarello Dogma FS, then it is better to read more. There are thousands of tests that can justify your choice (already made ...).

If you are looking for a true analysis then:

Here you can read my opinion on the bike

Here you can read the defects I detected

Here you can read the mechanical problems

Here you can read our report card

As always without many hairs on the tongue.

That the bike is the top for driving comfort, driving safety and general quality is not a mystery.

That it is not a light bike is established, as it is not a bike suitable for the hard climb.

You can't have everything, do you need maximum comfort? It's your bike.

For the rest as already mentioned, it is expensive, heavy, of excessive maintenance.

A top product, for better or for worse.

For me though I recognize its undoubted quality and innovation, it weighs too much, costs too much and is too complex to be taken into consideration for a long-term purchase.



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