Smart suspension, revolutionary feeling

Two years ago, Pinarello launched the Dogma K8s, presenting the first ultralight suspension system for a road bike (DSS 1.0, Dogma Suspension System), together with carbon fiber flexible rear stays.

This spring, during the Monuments races, Pinarello in collaboration with HiRide, introduced the new eDSS 2.0 (Electronic Dogma Suspension System), the first smart suspension for road bikes, immediately tested by Team SKY riders.

We are now pleased to introduce the new Dogma K10S DISK, perfect combination of the cutting edge eDSS 2.0 system with the irresistible design of the new Dogma K10.

The design of the new Dogma K10S Disk maintains the new geometry of Dogma K10 (longer fork rake and open HT angle, longer rear stays with Flex Stays technology) and integrates the innovative suspension, the control system and the user interface. The down tube becomes more and more a technological hub: Flatback section, concave trailing edge to hide the bottlecage to the airflow and also the renew E-link port. The eDSS 2.0 interface is close to the Shimano Di2 controller, allowing to control and monitor the system status, and connectivity thanks to its Bluetooth LE and Ant+ connectivity.

To guarantee the best performance during braking phases the bike is equipped with flat mount disk brakes and thru axles.

The Electronic Dogma Suspension System (eDSS 2.0) reads the road and understands the bicycle dynamics, adapting the frame in any situation, from perfect roads to cobblestones, locking and unlocking the suspension in real time. The new Dogma K10S Disk sets new standards, offering to cyclists new feelings on the bike and eliminating any compromise.

The new e-DSS 2.0 in details:

Bike Dynamic Control:

The artificial intelligence is transmitted to the suspension, allowing the system to understand the style of the rider and the road conditions: sophisticated algorithms evaluate the cyclist behaviour, variation of ground conditions and instantaneous bumps.


A sensors system measures the bike’s dynamic behavior. A Smart Battery Pack inside the frame, controls electronically the suspension, locking and unlocking it automatically based on the characteristics of the road.


A hydraulic damping system allows to lock and unlock the suspension, but also to choose between a stiff set up for road and a smoother one for cobblestones or gravel roads.


A human machine interface situated in the down tube also allows the rider to control manually the suspension locking system. A dedicated App also offers the possibility to monitor all the data, on a Garmin computer (real time) but also after the ride on Smartphone, tablet and PC.

10 sizes available: 440, 465, 500, 515, 530, 540, 550, 560, 575, 595.

Colors available: White Orange, Black Red, Black on Black.



Frame Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy


Asymmetric Frame

Fork ONDA F10 with ForkFlap™

Think2 System with E-Link™

ICR™ Internal Cable Routing

Drop in Bearing System 1” 1/8 - 1”1/2

Italian thread BB

Seatclamp TripleForce

3XAir™ two positions available

eDSS Electronic suspension or DSS suspension

FlatBack Profile

UCI Approved

RAD SYSTEM Disk brake

Front Axle 100x12mm Shimano®

Rear Axle 142x12mm Shimano®

Disk Flat Mount max 160mm

Max Tyre 700x28mm