The fastest Dogma yet

Dogma F10 X-Light, a natural evolution of Dogma F10, maintains stiffness and aerodynamics unchanged, with a significant weight reduction.

Using the Torayca T1100G UD carbon fiber in the form of prepreg with lower resin content already used on Dogma F8 X-Light, a new lay-up, a slower and more controlled molding process and new dedicated molds, we managed 60 g of weight reduction on the frame. Now the frame weighs only 760 g ± 8% (raw frame, size 53) and the fork only 340 g ± 8%.

All other features are kept unchanged: asymmetric frame, Italian thread BB, Think2 technology, headset with Drop In bearing system with 1” 1/8 (top bearing) and 1” 1/2 (bottom bearing), and removable front and rear derailleurs.

For a better aerodynamics, the cross sections of the tubes use Flatback profiles, the water bottle on the seat tube could be positioned close to the BB (to be more aero) or higher (to be more comfortable), the TwinForce seatclamp, with titanium parts for weight reduction.

The frame is UCI approved, to be used in all competitions.

F10 X-Light will be available as a frame kit, in 12 sizes: 420, 440, 465, 470, 500, 515, 530, 540, 550, 560, 575, 595.

Colors available: Team SKY, Red Lines, Black Matt.


TEAM SKY cod. 922

Carbon Torayca T1100 UD Dream Carbon

with Nanoalloy Technology

Asymmetric Frame

Fork ONDA F10 with ForkFlap™

Think2 System with E-Link™

ICR™ Internal Cable Routing

Drop in Bearing System 1” 1/8 – 1”1/2

Italian thread BB

Seatclamp TwinForce

3XAir™ two positions available

for the second bottle

FlatBack Profile

UCI Approved

Max Tyre 700x25mm