Orbea unveils the new Terra

Terra is for riders who do enough riding off-tarmac to need something tougher than a traditional road or endurance bike.

Terra is for those taking a fresh approach to exploration and fun and need a bike that is versatile enough to fill several roles. Terra will also satisfy cyclocross enthusiasts who need a bike with excellent tire clearance that is light and fast.


Carbon structure, tubing shapes and frame design are elemental to building a comfortable frame that helps reduce muscle fatigue. Terra’s Dynamic Structure provides a smooth, light ride without bulky compromises like tubing inserts and elastomers.
The natural flex patterns created by the carbon layup and minimal bulk of the top tube and seat stays deliver a dynamic, smooth ride that feels like floating over rough roads. The sensation is subtle - but it is noticeable and can be tested. And at the end of a long day it could mean the difference between climbing one last col and climbing off the bike.

• Small sections absorb vibration

Optimized shapes for compliance & comfort

Lighter than elastomer inserts


The large majority of torsional and lateral loads are handled by the lower spine of the frame. The headtube, downtube and chainstays are shaped to resist twisting and transmit power to the rear wheel. There is no doubt about it, large cross-sections and resistance to flex in the bottom of the frame translate directly to more watts on the road and a sensation that power transfer is instantaneous. • Large sections create a stiff spine

Optimized shapes resist directional flex

Increased surface area improves stiffness


The Terra fork uses a robust crown, rounded blade profile and longer fork legs to offer the best combination of elasticity, tire clearance and torsional stiffness. • Longer legs for more vibration absorption & bump compliance

Stiff crown for rigidity & precise tracking

Fits 40c tires with 5mm clearance each side

Terra can fill several roles - Gravel, Road, CX, Winter Training or Commuting.

Tire Clearance, the ability to mount accessories like mud guards combined with a functional All-Road Geometry means that Terra can change with the seasons.

Different tires for a different terra. Tire clearance for a wide variety of riding styles.
40c gravel.

33c cyclocross.

28c road training / commuting.

Big tires offer lower rolling resistance and greater control.

ORBEA ALL-ROAD GEOMETRY .• Control in a variety of circumstances. Terra is designed to be at home on dirt, gravel or just about anything else you might encounter.
• Terra ergonomics work for cyclocross, all-day rides and the occasional long training day on the road.
• Handling is precise and intuitive. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes to maximize rider comfort.

Longer wheelbase; more stability and comfort.

Longer chainstays: smoother ride and better traction.

Lower bottom bracket: confident descending on rough surfaces.

Higher stack & shorter reach: more stability in sand and gravel.


Orbea Monocoque Performance (OMP) adds high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with polyurethane headtube and bottom bracket inserts eliminates wrinkles in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength.

Choose the color scheme and components of your Terra and stand apart from the crowd.
Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and know-how let us pay meticulous attention to every step of the MyO process so all you have to do is choose the colors, select your favorite components and add your name on the top tube. Designing your dream bike incurs no additional cost, and your MyO Terra will be delivered to you in an average of four weeks after placing your order.


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