Orbea KATU e50

The democratization of e-bikes

Katu celebrates the idea that the best tools are fun while being functional. Ebikes have revolutionized the utility of bicycles in the city, and Katu delivers flexibility and ease to more riders every day. Katu can be personalized to fit more budgets or lifestyles than ever before, so it’s possible to begin imagining that Katu is more than just a bicycle, it’s a democratic tool that brings the power of mobility to people everywhere.

Katu is now available in a sleek reliable and efficient Ebikemotion hub-driven model. Of course, in the spirit of Katu, a budget-conscious solution should never skimp on functionality. Katu embraces your connected lifestyle and offers a practical and fun bluetooth interface with your smartphone - Navigation, speed and battery life are available at your fingertips.


A front hub motor offers simplicity and reliability. Furthermore, the internal system wiring makes the bike even more resistant to urban use and punishment.


The PAS is mounted inside the bottom bracket where it is hidden and protected. This sensor is used by the system to detect pedal movement and determines how much motor assistance is necessary depending on current speed and selected assist mode.


A smart bluetooth remote control includes 5 buttons and LEDs to show you the status of your Katu. Battery usage, power assist mode and incoming call signals are all conveniently displayed, avoiding bulky and expensive proprietary displays. Moreover, you can also download the Ebikemotion smartphone app and take your experience further with features like:

Off-line Map Navigation / Weather Reports/ Strava, Facebook and

Twitter Integration / Battery Status / Online Support / Speed and Distance


Optional features will be added in the comming months and will include a color display, geo tracker, remote locking system/theft protection and on-bike USB charging ports. In other words, Katu keeps looking to the future and can be as connected as you choose. Since the entire system is updatable, new features will be added as they are developed. Stay tuned to Orbea.com to keep up on the latest developments for the system

DISPLAY/ An optional full-color display integrates visual information on the handlebar if you choose not to use your smartphone.

TRACKER/ The tracker can monitor your Katu’s whereabouts (GPS, GSM), upload activities, update e-bike components, e-call, detect accidents and collect data via a link between the Cloud and your bike.

USB POWER SUPPLY/ The USB access point allows you to charge your smartphone or other electronics, or provide power to extra lights or accessories.


The motor control uses tailored algorithms and components that optimize battery consumption, increasing range around 15%-20%. The efficiency delivered by the last generation of MOSFET circuitry operates at lower temperatures, further increasing battery life. The components, assembly methods and connectors are top-quality, developed together with a major european atomotive electronics producer.


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