Eddy Merckx has introduced four new models at Eurobike and a complete overhaul of its range of bikes , let's see the news:



Eddy Merckx Mourenx69 2015

A completely new frame and a bike designed for long climbs and long distances. The monocoque chassis has a rear triangle and asymmetric long, for high capacity to absorb vibrations. The high head tube and short horizontal, allow to have a very comfortable position, perfect for long climbs and comfort on long distances.

Eddy Merckx SanRemo76 2015

New bike for racing performance, with a frame specially designed for fast races and powerful athletes. The monocoque frame carbon fiber high modulus has geometries tailored for this, with a very short rear triangle, down head tube and long horizontal tube. In this way you get a very responsive bike, with a very aerodynamic riding position.

Eddy Merckx Milano72 2015

A new frame specifically for women. Made of high modulus carbon fiber presents geometry specific for women, but always with a clear racing line, much like the SanRemo76. The dominant black color was chosen deliberately to make the bike completely different from other proposals for Lady, usually with bright colors; Milano72 born to be a racing bike at 100%, perfect for women who want the ultimate in performance and do not allow anything to rest.

Eddy Merckx EMX-1 2015

The model EMX-1 receives updates in the graphics and in assemblies.

Eddy Merckx EMX-525 2015

Updates for detail, new graphics, colors and new assemblies.

Eddy Merckx EEKLO70 2015

New cyclocross bike with disc brakes or cantilever.