We have already described the frame De Rosa King XS;



the bike being tested is assembled with Campagnolo Record EPS, Campagnolo Shamal wheels, carbon fiber seat post, aluminum stem and handlebars. So assembled, the bike has a weight of 6.9kg.

Road test

The bike being tested is well assembled, lightweight solutions without resorting to expensive or worse unreliable solutions. Excellent implementation of the frame, attention to detail and in the realization of its graphics. Excellent Campagnolo Shamal wheels: rigid, sliding and reliable, among the best wheels ever. Always valid groupset Record EPS, very fast and precise in its action. Braking is good, powerful and adaptable, especially on the front wheel. The rear brake highlights great power and speed of response, you must get used to its power to prevent blockages side of the rear wheel. The ride quality is much improved compared to the previous King and now stands at levels of absolute excellence. Also improved overall rigidity of the frame, with the bike more prompt and efficient in transferring the power to the rear wheel. The reduced weight, coupled to said frame rigidity, allows excellent performance during acceleration, but also on uphill. Excellent balance of driving, with good handling, but especially an excellent safety and stability at high speeds. A bike never extreme in behavior, at ease on any type of road. There are bike more rigid and easy to handle, but also less comfortable and stable. Its versatility is its trump card, is good everywhere. A bike with high quality and performance, suitable for those seeking a product that is suitable for any type of route, easy to drive and comfortable. A good bike.

Vote for the bike in test 9/10