With the RADON SLUSH, we make a return to the world of dirt jumps and 4X tracks.

Do you like turning circles in the air, pumping through every wave until you’re dizzy with delight? Then we’ve the right guided trajectory for you. The brand new SLUSH unites playful handling and safety which you can use to stylishly collect air miles for your favourite airline.


Time in the air and 4X missions require lightweight, playful and robust frames which can cope with stress while looking good.

Ultra-lightweight and very stiff 6061 aluminium has already been used by NASA to launch manned flying objects into the sky. So why don’t you and your crew do the same?


Like its hardtail brother, the SLUSH can flex its muscles and show who’s boss with its edgier side. The extended top tube not only looks good, it also gives the frame an extra portion of (pressure) stability.


A tapered head tube delivers especially high stiffness and keeps the 100mm forks in place. So you’ll have no excuses for not taking the next jump.


Keep it simple, stupid. To get the maximum from the time you spend in the air requires a short rear section which is still robust enough to dissipate compression forces.


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