JAB, the new all-purpose weapon – with the quickness and precision once shown by the world greatest boxing champion.

A design that polarises. Technically state-of-the-art. A bike that takes you to new places and keeps your fellow combatants at a distance.

The classic enduro SLIDE CARBON 160 raised gloomy looks from the competition when it was launched in 2014. It had a brand new geometry and exceptional performance and delighted customers on the trail. Our team riders also achieved numerous podium positions and wins on the bike. And the SLIDE CARBON 160 received best marks in many comparison tests to make it a showpiece model in the enduro scene. Under the motto of “Making the best even better”, the SLIDE CABON 160 was then the inspiration behind the development of the JAB. State-of-the-art geometry, enhanced details and a new type of design make the JAB a worthy successor – to continue the story of success.

The JAB doesn‘t know understatement. It has the combative contours of a stealth bomber combined with the breathtaking proportions of an Italian sports car. Uncompromising innovation and design – the JAB demonstrates what is now possible when technology and design come together.

Do you want to be the trail‘s leader of the pack? The JAB embodies the supremacy of a fighter jet with the speed of a precision weapon. Design highlights are evident also in the detail: concealed Horst link suspension, precision protected stays, e-mount chip, and a look as if cast from a single mould. This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Higher, faster, farther” is the cry to get you to give everything to remain in racing mode. You can’t help but become an adrenaline-driven combat drone blazing towards the finish line in frenzy of speed.

The JAB’s extended wheelbase, shallow tube angle and low bottom bracket give a ride smooth enough for you to keep delivering – stage after stage and under the toughest of conditions. And the manoeuvrability required for technical stages is provided by short chain stays.

The choice is yours! A flip chip lets you choose two settings: the seat/head tube angle and bottom-bracket height can be varied as required – the JAB is our best ever enduro.

Making our best enduro even better” – this is the challenge that kept our development team busy. Since 2014, the SLIDE CARBON 160 has won numerous comparison tests, received fantastic scores, and regularly occupied the podium at races. The most recent highlight was the EWS (Enduro-World-Series) title by our team racer Raphaela Richter.

We know what’s needed to get a potent racer to succeed on the world’s racetracks.

A balanced geometry for ride smoothness across fast and rough trails, as well as a lightweight, extremely stiff CFK frame that copes with everything while fusing bike and rider into a single unit.

The JAB remains true to these strengths and impresses with an innovative design to make it predestined for success.

Belting downhill or battling uphill prior to a descent? The choice is yours! Thanks to the flip chip, you can choose two settings: the seat/head tube angle and bottom-bracket height can be varied as required the JAB is our best ever enduro.

Single-ring cranks are now dominant. They have major advantages and the gear range from large cassettes will impress any rider type.

But you still want 2-rings? No problem. The JAB has an e-mount for a front derailleur to give an elegant set up thanks to side swing and internal cable routing.

Greater travel and shorter installation lengths make the benefits of the new trunnion mount obvious – so it was incorporated early on in the development of the JAB frame. Less wear because a friction bearing is no longer needed, a suspension mounting reduced by 25 mm and a wider support.

When used as intended, even the most beautiful bikes will not be spared scrapes and grazes. So it is vital to protect the sensitive points on the frame. We have given the JAB a permanently fixed down-tube protector made from a high-strength composite material which smoothly integrates into the combative look of the frame. The chain stays have dual-sided heel protection. The top of the chain stay on the chain side is also protected against chain slap.



The recess in the down tube means the JAB frame has enough space for dampers with a “piggy bag“ equalising cylinder.


This Is now considered to be the norm in modern frame engineering.

We use a new type of cable inlet to minimise unnecessary cable rattling.

And cable replacement is quick and simple.


To get the perfect look down to the detail, we revised the Horst link and main bearing design. We have been able to give the mounting points a concealed stealth look by using a newly developed assembly.


Press fit bottom brackets are known for reliable performance. In carbon frames, they enable low weights to be achieved thanks to the absence of sleeves and bonded joints.


THE new standard in the MTB segment already won us over in when developing the JEALOUS. The larger widths give the JAB more performance and an extra portion of stiffness for frames, wheels and drive units.


What’s the use of a perfect frame without the right equipment? To make sure everybody can enjoy the JAB, we have a generous range of equipment to give you the perfect match. Unbeatable prices also mean you won’t have to break the bank. You get a choice of three models. The JAB entry model is available for just €3,599 and the top of the range model for €4,999.


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