The ceramic oil Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Lube Wet, is an oil with a specific ceramic base for wet condition.

This type of oil allows to the chain to be always lubricated in the rain, thanks to the specific properties of these oils that have strong resistance to water washout. After cleaning and degreasing the chain, apply the Muc-Off Oil on the same in order to make it well penetrate on all parts, making sure that the whole chain is well lubricated. For specific application, it is always good to let the oil dry for a few hours, but even better for a day, so that the same adheres perfectly to the chain.

Tested in the rain and humid, it has been shown to be able to remain well attached to the chain for many kilometers.

Though difficult to quantify the benefit of this oil respect to a normal product. Comparative tests we conducted did not give reliable results.

For sure the chain is better lubricated, less stressed and definitely placed in a position to last longer; the advantage in terms of performance is 1-2 seconds after an hour of climb, not bad for those who make races, but nothing for the simple fan.

It all depends on how you live your bike. Certainly a product that ensures maximum chain lubrication in the rain, important and not to be underestimated.