Muc-Off will announce the launch of two new brushes, bringing its total brush range to seven.

The Tyre and Cassette Brush features stiffer-than-average nylon bristles that can smash through grime build-up around a bikes wheels and cassette in seconds. The paintbrush-shaped Drivetrain Brush boasts a high-quality construction, allowing for easy application of drivetrain cleaner to the chain, cassette, mechanics and sprockets.

Both brushes will come in a mean, all-black finish and feature specially molded silicon insets that provide a comfortable, steady grip.

Jason Bradwell, Senior PR and Communications Executive at Muc-Off, said:

There’s a lot of cleaning brushes out there, but I doubt few as highly developed as the ones from Muc-Off. Call us geeks, but we put a lot of time and energy into creating the most effective products, even for something as simple as a brush. That’s just the Muc-Off way.”

Both brushes will be available from January 2017. They will retail at £7 / €9.95 / $9.99.