Thule presents the next generation of the world’s most sold multifunctional child carrier, Thule Chariot

Thule is proud to introduce the brand new Thule Chariot series of multisport trailers for the active family. With Thule Chariot it’s possible to enjoy 4 seasons and 4 activities – with 1 carrier.


Thule Chariot enables the active family to enjoy all four seasons of the year with their kids, when biking, strolling, running and skiing with the one and same carrier. Thule presents the next generation of Thule Chariot, with four brand new multifunctional child carriers that offers the active family the freedom to share their passion with their kids; Thule Chariot Sport, Thule Chariot Cross, Thule Chariot Lite and Thule Chariot Cab.

Thule Chariot Sport is designed to excel in every aspect, from ease of use and clever features to safety and durability. It is a stylish training partner that makes it easy and fun to stay active all year round, and it is a multisport trailer that lets you enjoy outdoor activities together with your child. Whether it’s jogging, biking, strolling, or cross-country skiing, Thule Chariot Sport will exceed your expectations. When choosing a Thule Chariot, you can rest assured that it has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds all global standards.

Thule Chariot Cross gives you the freedom to enjoy almost any outdoor adventure with your child. It is designed for active families who want a versatile, tough, and stylish carrier, and who love being outdoors all year round. Whether it’s strolling, biking, jogging, or cross-country skiing, with Thule Chariot Cross you can bring your child along and share your passions. Thule’s rigorous testing ensures that your carrier can handle the toughest conditions to keep you and your child safe.

Thule Chariot Lite is a sporty, easy-to-use stroller for everyday use, and also a multisport trailer that allows you to enjoy many activities together with your child. In one simple step the stroller transforms into a city-jogger or bike trailer, or even a ski pulk.

To and from day care. To the grocery store and back. A trip to the park or to the playground. Thule Chariot Cab is the ideal everyday carrier for families on the go. Thanks to its robust construction it will withstand daily wear and tear as well as changing weather conditions. For increased durability, Thule Chariot Cab has a hard plastic bottom, providing your child with a firm step when getting into the carrier. During the ride, both parent and child will benefit from the adjustable suspension, making the experience smooth and comfortable. Use Thule Chariot Cab as a versatile bike trailer or convert it into a stroller in just one simple step. Add a jogging kit or even a cross-country ski kit to extend its use even further. 


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