BMC Switzerland introduces the new Timemachine 01 Disc — the ultimate triathlon machine and most refined expression of pure aerodynamic performance.

Designed for progressive triathletes seeking the perfect synthesis of drag-defying aerodynamics, the Timemachine 01 Disc is built for riders seeking straight-line speed, predictable crosswind stability, and class-leading frame and component integration. BMC engineers achieved these goals by focusing on rider-focused fit, cockpit versatility and aerodynamic disc brake integration.

BMC designers relied on their engineering expertise in carbon fiber construction and aerodynamics to develop the disc brake-equipped Timemachine 01 Disc. Extensive wind tunnel testing was performed to achieve extraordinary aerodynamics while integrating disc brakes to deliver a bike optimum handling and control on technically demanding triathlon and time trial courses.

The Timemachine 01 Disc sets new standards in aero engineering,” says Mart Otten, Senior Product Manager Road at BMC Switzerland. “This bike addresses rider needs with highly functional design features and technology. The Disc brake technology ensures that the rider has unrestricted control on technically demanding routes without compromising aerodynamics.”

BMC examined its aerodynamics formulas to significantly improve performance, while adding innovative, discipline-specific bike features to deliver the ultimate multi-sport and time trial bike. This bike stays stable in crosswinds and lightning fast in straight lines, predictable handling in the aero position, versatility and adaptability for reach and stack, plus thru-axles for functionality.

Aerodynamic Form

SubA, BMC’s integrated aerodynamics system, maximizes aerodynamic efficiency through minimizing exposure to wind. The revised SubA concept summarizes BMC’s core features: 3:1 tubes with truncated profiles, integrated caliper covers, crosswind-stable tube shapes, hinge-fork design, a super-lean frontal area and maximum integration from front to back.

Disc Brake Integration

Timemachine 01 Disc features complete disc brake integration to deliver superior handling and control on the most technical courses without compromising its aerodynamic performance. Many triathletes travel with their bikes. The Timemachine 01 Disc’s thru-axle hubs and hydraulic disc brakes simplify bike assembly and wheel changes with dependable brake pad positioning.

Integrated Caliper Covers

BMC designed aerodynamic caliper covers to optimize the airflow around the disc brake calipers and minimize the impact on aerodynamic performance. The result is the aerodynamic performance of the Timemachine 01 Disc with the benefits functional integration of disc brake technology.

Rider-focused Fit

A slippery-fast frame is a good start, but adding a versatile, aerodynamic positioning system for the rider is the formula to beat the clock. The refined Position-to-Perform (P2P) system lets triathletes and time trialists find their optimum aerodynamic position without sacrificing fit or performance, no matter how aggressive or conservative their front-end position. This adaptability makes the Timemachine 01 Disc the ultimate multi-sport and time trial bike.

Ultimate Cockpit Versatility

The V-Cockpit offers optimal aerodynamic performance for taller pad stack dimensions, while the forward-offset promotes vertical compliance, a state-of-the-art blend of high-performance and comfort. The fully integrated 3rd generation hinge-fork ensures a lean frontal profile while the cockpit mounting system promotes both form and function. P2P V-Cockpit is the world’s first truly triathlon-specific cockpit.

Additionally, the Flat-Cockpit configuration offers maximum aerodynamic advantage by allowing riders the lowest possible pad stack configurations. The Flat-Cockpit base bar can be mounted in 2 positions, pointing downward or upward. The driving parameter to choose the position is the base bar altitude – depending on the combination of discipline, riding style and pad height. A rear-mount equipment storage box, top-tube fuel box mounts, and downtube dual-mount bottle cage options create a dedicated triathlon weapon. Riding the Timemachine 01 Disc with the Flat-Cockpit and seatpost in the rear position makes it UCI compliant and the ultimate time trial bike.

Sizing, Geometry, and Models

The new Timemachine 01 Disc is available in the following models: Timemachine 01 Frameset, base color stealth with 5 sticker sets and available in the sizes Small / Medium-Short / Medium-Long / Large.

BMC Switzerland


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