FOX 36 | The EVOLution Continues


We took the award-winning 36, integrated our EVOL technology, updated the air spring curves and damper tune to improve performance across the board. Between wheel size, damper, and axle options, the 36 offers a wide range of options to fit your all-mountain and enduro needs.

New FLOAT EVOL air spring

FIT HSC/LSC, FIT4 and FIT GRIP three position damper options

15QRx110 mm, 15QRx100 mm, or 15/20 mm convertible thru-axle

Travel options:

27.5” – 150, 160, 170 mm

29” - 150, 160 mm

26” - 100 mm (831), 160, 180 mm

1.5” tapered or 1-1/8” (26” only) steerer tube

E-Bike-specific chassis available

Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

Performance Elite models feature black ano upper tubes

Matte Black


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