Launched into action at the Tour of the Alps, the one-of-a-kind custom painted Gallium Pro for Miguel Anguel Lopez from Argon 18.

Inspiration behind the design

When Miguel Angel climbs, it’s easy to understand why people call him Superman. As the bike partner of Astana Pro Team, Argon 18 wanted to graphically express his interstellar universe but also his Colombian roots. To transcend this connection, the design is expressing the transition from earth to space. The effect is created with the addition of speckle to simulate stars. Furthermore, a special effect was added in the paint. The colors on the bikes change depending of the angle like kryptonite. The idea is to have the graphics inspire him. Looking at the bike, there are numerous small details such as a Spanish quote from Superman “is it a plane, is it a bird, no, it’s Superman Lopez”.

Art director Alexandre Saint-Jalm worked alongside with Astana Pro Team management to elaborate the unique design of Lopez ParticuleR Gallium Pro. “This project is the perfect opportunity to adapt my designs to highlight the personality of the rider. I can forget all the requirements to produce a design that can be easily replicated. It’s the only condition to really attain the uniqueness that Miguel Angel deserve” said Saint-Jalm.

Lopez is a proven world class cyclist and is also the embodiment of our product philosophy of passion and dedication to racing. We are happy to surprise Lopez with the final design of his Gallium Pro SupermanLopez – ParticuleR” said Gervais Rioux, CEO and Founder of Argon 18.

ParticuleR Program

ParticuleRis the new internal initiative program from Argon 18 pushing a creative hub for experimentation. Through the ParticuleR Program Argon 18 will go to the extreme of their cycling passion to develop new ideas, new design, new possibilities. It is company’s new playground to push the creative limits and approach the future. it is only through experiment that one learns and grows. All the projects from this lab will be unique.

It was important for Argon 18 to work with the best in all steps of this process, as in the paint artist. We collaborated with Rob Nicholas of ColourBurn Studio to test possibilities. With Rob’s know-how on techniques, special effects and process, it was possible to put the ideas and vision into real life. The result and quality would have been impossible to attain with traditional production. More projects from this collaboration on ParticuleR are coming in the next month” said Saint-Jalm.

It is crucial that we explore the extremes of colors and graphic design for our bikes. With the ParticuleR Program we will be able to develop ways to express our creativity and evaluate what can later enter the marketplace with Argon 18“ said Gervais Rioux.

While Lopez is now riding his SupermanLopez custom painted bike, the bike is the consumer model Gallium Pro which can be found at Argon 18 retailers world wide. The Gallium Pro, launched at the 2017 Tour de France and is available in 3 different colors.

Argon 18