Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake

Road bikes are going where they’ve never gone before and are being ridden harder than ever. At the same time, disc brakes are redefining what’s possible with rim design. For this new era, the Zipp® 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset sets the new standard. With an all-new disc-specific tubeless rim, the 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher is now internally 21mm wide and faster than ever.

Zipp 202 NSW Carbon Clincher

The newest entrant in the Zipp NSW series, the 202 NSW Carbon Clincher is engineered to be the fastest accelerating carbon clincher Zipp has ever made. Light weight, it flies up the toughest climbs, and then with Axial Clutch Technology shaves more time on of the descents. Zipp built 202 NSW to deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag available for a rim of this depth.

Zipp 202 Tubular Disc Brake

Light weight with massive gains in performance. That’s the story behind the Zipp® 202 Firecrest® Tubular Disc-brake wheelset. This is our most durable carbon tubular wheelset for the demands of today’s cyclocross racers and the emerging road-disc rider and racer. While the original 202 Tubular is a pure climber’s wheel,
the 202 Firecrest Tubular Disc-brake is so much more.

Zipp Super-9 Disc Carbon Clincher and Tubular Disc Brake

Zipp is pioneering the next generation of disc wheel, the new Super-9 Disc-brake Carbon Clincher and Tubular Disc. Road cycling’s latest advancement in performance – disc brakes for road bikes – is coming to triathlons and time trials, and Zipp is ensuring its fastest wheel ever is ready for this soon-to-arrive future. The superior performance of disc brakes provides greater stopping power and more precise speed modulation, all with less hand effort than required by traditional brakes.

Zipp Vuka Carbon Evo Extensions

Design based on feedback from top fitters, Zipp’s Vuka Carbon Evo Extensions give you all the options needed to optimize your position and go for the win or your personal best. The new Vuka Carbon Evo 70 and 110 Extensions create decrease drag by starting air flow over the body sooner while keeping the arms and wrists in a comfortable, relaxed position. The Evo shape, with a 20mm inward roll and multi-radius bend, is now available for the first time in carbon, allowing for even more complex shaping and lighter weight.

New matte finish for Zipp SL-70 Aero bar, SL Sprint stem

Zipp’s best-selling carbon handlebar and stem have a new look. The SL-70 Aero road bar and SL Sprint stem now feature a Matte finish with white Zipp branding for a visual style that will compliment any frameset.



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