The Vision Team25 wheels have aluminum rim 25 mm, with spokes round section 2 mm. The spokes are 20 for the front wheel and 24 for the rear one. They are available for Shimano 9 and 10s, and will soon be available for Shimano 11s. Have a weight of 1820 grams.




New wheels by Vision for 2014, there will be the new Metron 40 and Metron 55, with carbon fiber rim for tubular.


VISION is proud to announce its OFFICIAL SPONSORSHIP of CANNONDALE PRO CYCLING TEAM for the 2013 season.

In 2013 the Team will exclusively be using Vision ROAD WHEELS and AEROBARS.

Vision has been a sponsor of Cannondale since 2003 and thanks to the brilliant results achieved during the past few years, the team and riders have chosen to race on Vision wheels in 2013.

Their choice was based on:

?Lightweight and durability

?Superior aerodynamics and stability

?Ease of serviceability

Claudio Marra, Manager of Vision Europe said:

Vision has introduced its new range of wheels 2013.The main novelty ist he new high-profile Metron 81, to which is added the Metron Disk and Team 27,confirmed the rest of the range. The details of the new wheels:

Vision Metron 81
Wheels at high profile carbon fiber. The wheel set weights1495grams. New hubs, expanded, lighter and more rigid. New the carbon fiber rim, 24.5mm wide and 81mm high. The new profile provides improved aerodynamics. Only tubular.

Vision Metron Disk
Lenticular wheel for time trial and triathlon bike on the weight of 1100grams and based on the rear wheel of Metron 81. Only tubular.

Vision Team 27
Pair of aluminium wheels by the weight of 1950grams, and only for clincher.

Confirmed the following models already present in the range 2012

Vision Trimax Carbon TC50
Pair of wheels with high profile carbon fiber, for tubularand weight 1450grams.

Vision Trimax T30
A pair of medium-profile wheels (30mm) aluminium by weight of 1520grams, clincher.

Vision Trimax T42
Pair of wheels with high profile (42mm) aluminium weight of 1720grams, clincher.

Vision Trimax Carbon TC24
Pair of wheels with low profile rim of carbon fiber for tubular. The pair of wheels weigh 1250 grams.

Vision also confirmed the news to EICA 2011 which we have already spoken. So the new wheels with low profile carbon fiber tubular wheels then the new high-profile carbon fiber and aluminium braking surface. Confirmed the aero bar and the other accessories and components for Triathlon and Time Trial.