Choosing the right saddle: Extreme COMFORT and PERFORMANCE no contradiction on the road



Diego Ares, 26, Vorarlberg Team racer – 1st, 7th Stage, Tour de Brazil 2011 – rides the all-carbon Senso Miles III, the featherweight saddle from Velo’s top performance line.




Mauricio Frazer, 29, professional Road racer for the international Start Cycling Team, rides the all-carbon Senso Miles SL 1501.






Choosing the right saddle for your individual riding style is not easy to define and according to founder and saddle expert at Velo Enterprise, Stella Yu, each saddle is created for a specific type of riding style and cyclist. To give you a basic overview of the different riding disciplines and what type of saddle is required for each, we asked six of our Senso sponsored athletes to give a breakdown of what types of characteristics they look for when choosing a saddle for the specific disciplines in Road Racing and Freeride Mountainbiking.




MTB athletes, particularly those who specialize in Freestyle and Dirt riding, often express their personalities through their bikes and equipment. For Freerider Pavel Alekhin, that expression came in the form of a custom designed zebra-striped saddle from Velo atop his Merida bicycle.

Velo Enterprise is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle saddles, grips and handlepar tapes and caters its products towards the needs of its consumers. For its Senso sponsored athlete, Velo designed a unique zebra saddle for the eccentric and individual style of Alekhin, who freerides as an MTBer for the Merida Velo team.

In team competitions, the colors of the cyclists’ saddles generally represent their team’s respective colors. For the Austrian Team Vorarlberg, one of Velo’s sponsored teams, their saddles are black, green and white, as are the team’s jerseys and road bikes. For Senso New Hero Tanja Hendrysiak, the saddle maker custom designed 35 women’s saddles in purple for her Purple TaSte camps.

Velo’s Senso saddle line has been frequently reviewed by athletes in relation to quality, material and technologies as well as the latest trends and designs as a part of their daily use in training and competitions. Through this feedback, Velo is able to stay ahead of the curve in product range and design, supporting its mission of supplying the market with top quality saddles that incorporate leading technologies and are available in a broad range of designs for every riding discipline.





Velo Enterprise, the world leader in the manufacturing of bicycle saddles and accessories, is establishing its high performance products at the forefront of the aftermarket under its Senso, Plush, Attune and wrap lines. The accessory lines for grips (Attune) and tapes (wrap) continuously receive positive feedback from the market. Senso performance saddles are growing as the leading choice of young, international competitive athletes that are successful in diverse cycling disciplines. Plush saddles are gaining interest for their well-designed comfort saddle range and are moving forward for 2014 with new saddles inspired by the equestrian saddle.

The Senso New Heroes initiative, launched last year, to attract the next generation of cycling stars has proven successful as more and more performance riders are discovering Senso as their saddle of choice for competition. Competitive riders from North America, Canada, South America, and Europe are discovering the benefits of Velo’s technologies by using the high performance saddles in diverse cycling disciplines such as Road, MTB, BMX and Cyclocross. The athletes appreciate the dynamic innovation, comfort and durability that Senso products provide. This clearly positions the Senso range as top competition products. "We are establishing Senso as a top performance brand for demanding and competitive cyclists,” said Ann Chen, Velo's sales director.

Florian Bissinger of Team Vorarlberg, Austria and winner of several national Road races has ridden a Senso saddle for more than 15,000 km and attests, “I wanted to have a competition saddle, which still offers comfort and Senso provides this.” Tanja Hendrysiak, a successful German MTB and Freeride cyclist of Team Merida Velo assures, “The falls and tumbles which are such a big part of MTB make it imperative that the saddle be durable, hardwearing and waterproof.” Greater insight into the sport specific saddle-technology will be revealed during Velo’s Eurobike Press Conference in Friedrichshafen, Germany on the 29th of August 2013. Athletes will be on hand to discuss personal experiences.

Plush, Velo’s comfort range, is making headway in the industry with its specially designed e-bike and city saddles. The manufacturer will be releasing new models and an updated range of Plush saddles for electric and city bicycles for 2014. Cyclists on these bikes do not pedal as hard as athletes or other type of riders, and require less movement in their saddles. The new Plush models enable the cyclist to ride in comfort and ease thus enabling a more enjoyable ride. To ensure more comfort, Velo has updated the Plush comfort range by drawing inspiration from equestrian saddles. At Eurobike 2013, Velo will showcase the details of the new Plush design and technology.





Velo Enterprise, world leading designer and manufacture of bicycle saddles and accessories, is moving forward in 2013 with more international riding teams in a variety of disciplines on three continents. Expanding on the rider-product relevant New Heroes Campaign begun last year for the firm’s top-of-the-line performance saddle brand Senso, this is the next step in Velo’s continuous commitment to cycling sport the world over. “It is our aim to see promising young athletes get to the top in their disciplines,” International Sales Director Ann Chen explains. “Velo supports the athletes actively from the beginning of their careers to develop and achieve their full champion potential. At the top, Senso is there with them!”


A new round of top performance teams

Last year it was solo riders, this year it’s the teams. Choosing dynamic teams with podium-experienced riders in a broad spectrum of disciplines, Velo is proud of their prodigies in the Road, MTB, Freestyle, Cross and Enduro disciplines. The new teams on the Senso roster this year are the Vorarlberg Road team in Austria, the Ride2Rio mixed discipline team in the Netherlands, as well as Road teams CashCall Mortgage, Start and Devinci and the MTB team Kenda/Felt – these in the North and South Americas.


Teams, Technology and Trends

Enthusiastic to help young athletes achieve their goals and maximize their potential, the two over ranging reasons for Velo’s avid support are dedication to the furtherance of the cycling sport, and the ambition to develop the best saddle technology possible. The synergy with so many athletes and disciplines fulfills both goals in turn. While Tour de France winners and established champions enjoy pampering from manufactures lining up to cater to them, Velo has made their commitment to cycling’s young emerging stars.


No race without a bike, no bike without a saddle

The saddle is the cyclist’s most influential contact point with the bike, responsible for how the rider endures the run, resists fatigue and harnesses potent energy into forward motion and track endurance. Meeting the stringent demands of cyclists is the manufacturer’s crucial task for achieving top track performance. Working with these young athletes and listening to what they say and what they need, Velo develops performance saddles with state-of-the-art saddle technologies to meet cyclists’ highest criteria, on the track and off.