The evolution of high-performance 29" wheel bikes is undeniable. From XC to DH, these bikes have proven to be incredibly capable, not to mention a ton of fun. Making great 29" wheels requires a purpose-built approach, because bigger without a purpose is not necessarily better. Developing a proper wheel for these bikes means understanding that this new wheel needs to capitalize on the quick- rolling properties they bring to the table, while still making them light, efficient, responsive and, above all, playful.

To accomplish this we’ve increased the spoke count, changed the lacing pattern, and engineered a new hub-shell design. The sum of these changes gives you a laterally stiff wheel that can smash berms and sprint out of corners, a torsionally stiff wheel that feels more responsive and accelerates faster, and a wheel that gives you the right amount of radial stiffness for best traction. And an added byproduct of the new ROAM 60 29 design is that tests show it to be really tough, too.

Faster. Tougher. Playful. More is better.

MSRP PRICE (FRONT/REAR) - $900/$1000 | €919/€1021 | £778/£866

Availability - August, 2017