Selle Italia

A saddle that provides a perfect decompression of the perineum

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Among the new Selle Italia 2012 we recommend the expansion of the saddles that offer increased decompression of the perineum. Along with Gel Flow saddles were introduced SuperFlow models, with a more open decompression, both in Lady and Man version. Model SLR SuperFlow 145, belongs to the range SLR and joins to the type model SLR SuperFlow 135.

Selle Italia continues to stake everything on Monolink. For 2012, the seatpost is also available in aluminium, with a marked reduction in price. Increased the proposed Monolink saddles, while continuing to develop the range of traditional saddles with the new SLR series, available in two different widths of approximately 130 and 145 mm, or less so as to favour ride comfort, always supplied with a wide zone of decompression of the perineum. Also new is the range of seats for women, with a different base, ensuring greater comfort over long distances. New range of handlebar tape, including a model of increased thickness to provide maximum comfort. Renewed the range of saddles for the city. Photo Gallery is on line (Eurobike 2011 Components-Clothing-Etc.)