The new Schwalbe Big Ben Plus is the perfect tire for several popular bikes: e-bikes, cargo bikes and cargo e-bikes.

Whether used for transportation, carrying children or just to feel the wind at your back, cargo and e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. But being heavier, these bikes call out for greater stability, durability and puncture protection, and all this takes a toll on material.

This is where the Big Ben Plus comes into its own. “The tough threemillimeter-thick GreenGuard protective layer and reinforced sidewall make this tire a real workhorse,” explains René Marks, Product Manager Touring at Schwalbe. With sturdy balloon tires, even speedy e-bikers ride on the safe side: the Big Ben Plus has earned ECE-R75 certification for fast e-bikes

up to 45 km/h.

Schwalbe’s new tire for cargo and e-bikes is available in bicycle stores as of fall 2016 at a cost of 26.90 euro for 20-inch models or 32.90 for all others (sizes in inches: 20 x 2.15, 26 x 2.15, 27.5 x 2.00 and 28 x 2.00).