Swiss high-end e-bike system supplier maxon BIKEDRIVE grows his product range by a connected display based on COMODULE Diamond.

The small device provides a seamless interface to the maxon BIKEDRIVE App and is the standard display to all new maxon pedelec and s-pedelec e-bike systems.

COMODULE Diamond provides all important system information at a glance and full control over the bike to the rider directly on the handlebar during the ride. The compact design of the device enables clean looking bike cockpits whereas the digital companion maxon BIKEDRIVE App unlocks a new dimension for the rider.

Uwe Oeftiger, CEO at maxon BIKEDRIVE, explains: “The partnership with COMODULE provides us the perfect match for our high-performance e-bike system. We were looking for a solution where our users can experience their bike as much as possible without taking the focus away from their ride. With COMODULE Diamond and the maxon BIKEDRIVE App they now get the opportunity to smoothly interact with their bike before, during and after the ride.”

The rider plans his tour via the maxon BIKEDRIVE App being assisted on a map by the potential battery range. He configures the performance settings of the bike and he can easily share tour results with his social community. During the ride the COMODULE Diamond Display shows speed and navigation information - there is no smartphone needed at the handlebar.



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