Artificial Intelligence applied to the bike to guide cyclists toward their best riding technique

blubrake presents Sixth Sense (BB6S), the innovative Road Race Cyclists Teaching System, fully integrated into the bike frame, able to monitor vehicle dynamics and gradually teach the cyclist to optimize braking, improving performance.

The patented BB6S system monitors the behavior of the bike using the accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope measurements together with a new type of wireless speed sensor that has been designed specifically for this system.

Through these components and sophisticated algorithms, BB6S interacts with the rider during the braking maneuver through a vibration in the front brake lever. The vibration is a reference to follow, it is the cyclist’s sixth sense that indicates how to correctly modulate the braking intensity. The intervention of the sixth sense is automatically calibrated over time, as the result of the use of the bike and the braking style of the specific cyclist. Brake after brake, BB6S helps the cyclist to improve until the best driving performance is achieved.

BB6S therefore proposes itself as a true teaching system that accompanies the cyclist during all his preparation and, progressively adapting to his style, helps him improve his braking maneuvers and as such his riding technique.

From a technical point of view, BB6S’s system consists of four components:

Artificial Intelligence Control Unit and Battery Pack

Inserted inside the frame, this unit is equipped with accelerometers and triaxial gyroscopes to reconstruct the dynamics of the bike. It is the "brain" of the system, where the control algorithms that animate the BB6S are implemented.

Wireless Speed Sensor

A speed sensor applied to the front wheel hub that communicates the real-time wheel speed measurement to the Artificial Intelligence Control Unit via the ANT + protocol. The Wireless speed Sensor measures speed 100 times per second, as opposed to the measurement of 1 time per second of traditional systems. This is because its function is not simply to measure the speed of the bicycle, but to detect any dynamics of wheel locking.

Sixth Sense Haptic Actuator

A vibrating motor integrated into the front brake lever. The vibration is managed by the Artificial Intelligence Control Unit and helps the cyclist to appropriately adjust the force to be applied to the front brake lever.

Rider Interface

An interface positioned on the handlebars that indicates BB6S the condition of the road surface (dry or wet) and allows the user to turn the system on and off or to recharge it.

One of the main characteristics of BB6S is that it provides the cyclist, via the dedicated App, with useful information to evaluate the performance after every ride. The information available after each ride is:

Lean angle in every curve

Cycling route on a map (GPS track)

Evaluation of braking performance

Detailed analysis of every brake

Cycling cadence

To take advantage of this information, simply start the App before the ride and stop it at the end. The collected data is then automatically sent to the Cloud for archiving and allows the improvements of the cyclist to be monitored.

Moreover, through the App, it is possible to:

Automatically carry out an emergency call in the event of a fall

Monitor the maintenance status of the bike through personalized notifications

Update the BB6S software.

BB6S is destined for the Road Race sector and for this reason has been designed to be an invisible and extremely lightweight technology (weighing only 187 gr.) which nevertheless leaves the rider in full control of the brakes.

BB6S is compatible with most bike frames, with all wheels and braking systems, both hydraulic and traditional, that are currently on the market.

The device is powered by a battery that allows for 40 hours of continuous use. This time can be increased considerably thanks to the energy saving by the «intelligent» setting: it switches on automatically when the bicycle is moving, switches off during climbs, and turns on again downhill but only when a considerable speed is reached. Charging is easy with the USB type C charger located on the Rider Interface.

Fabio Todeschini, CTO & COO of blubrake:

BB6S represents the frontier of technological innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and a radical change in the world of cycling. We have designed the system in such a way that it automatically adapts to any rider, whether a professional or amateur cyclist, so that it can help improve the cyclist’s braking maneuvers by providing useful information regarding the cyclist’s bike handling. With BB6S we want to give the rider a sixth sense, a competitive advantage that allows him to continuously improve. We transform the bike into an intelligent object, while maintaining its traditional aesthetic characteristics and leaving the rider in full control of the bike. "


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