New MTB wheels from Bontrager

New trail and XC wheels complete industry-leading MTB wheel lineup

Decades ago, Keith Bontrager was the one of the first to bring lightweight wheel designs to the fledgling world of mountain bikes. Today, we continue his legacy of innovation, pushing modern technology to deliver products that ride better and last longer. In this spirit, Bontrager is unveiling new additions to the Line and Kovee lineup of mountain bike wheels that challenge Keith’s famous adage of “Strong, Light, Cheap—Pick Two.” The new Bontrager Line and Kovee wheels give trail and XC-oriented riders lightweight, durable upgrade options in both carbon fiber and alloy at accessible price points.

Each new wheel offering includes Rapid Drive hubs for instant engagement and effortless acceleration, while wider internal rim widths increase both traction and stability. Line Pro, Elite, and Comp wheelsets offer trail and enduro riders an easy aftermarket upgrade at a great price, while dedicated XC racers will find a natural fit with the lightweight OCLV Carbon Kovee Elite. All new wheels will be available in both 27.5˝and 29˝ sizes, and feature Bontrager’s TLR system to easily transition to a tubeless setup.

Line Pro 30 TLR MTB Wheels

Line Pro, our highest-end trail/enduro wheel, delivers pro-level performance at a pro deal price. Line Pro wheels feature a strong, durable OCLV Pro Carbon rim with a 29mm internal rim width. Like all Bontrager wheelsets, they have been impact tested for ultimate strength and durability. The lightweight rim is laced to a Rapid Drive 108 hub for instant engagement and an easily-serviceable hub design. With Line Pro, you get a durable carbon wheel that shifts expectations of what a wheel can offer at $1200 MSRP. Available now.

27.5˝ 1539g

29˝ 1608g

Line Elite 30 TLR MTB Wheels

A strong, durable alloy rim with 29mm inner rim width, laced to a Rapid Drive 108 hub that provides instant engagement and powers this wheel through any trail. Line Elite is designed to stand up to the rigors of enduro and the most technical trails, and it’s also easy on the pocketbook at $600 US MSRP. Available now.

27.5˝ 1708g

29˝ 1794g

Line Comp 30 TLR MTB Wheels

Designed to conquer the same trails and meet the same demands as all other Line wheels at an incredibly accessible price point, Line Comp 30 rolls on a Rapid Drive 54 hub and starts at $300 US MSRP. Line Comp 30 will be available in July.

Kovee Elite 23 TLR MTB Wheels

The Kovee Elite 23 is the premier wheelset for the XC-oriented racer or trail rider. An OCLV Carbon rim with 22.5mm inner rim width and Rapid Drive 54 hub makes these hoops an easy upgrade at $700 US MSRP. Available now.

27.5˝ 1606g

29˝ 1690g


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