Racing 4, 5 and 6 models now even better equipped to handle anything ahead

The Fulcrum wheel line-up has been well respected and sought after by cyclists both professional and amateur alike as each and every product that bears the red F represents the perfect blend between great performance and extreme reliability.

This rings true from the top to the bottom of the range, aluminium or carbon, rim or disc. The Fulcrum engineering staff is constantly searching for new construction methods, techniques and materials in order to improve upon every single product, current or future. This spirit of constant improvement pushed the staff to revisit certain aspects of the Racing 4, 5 and 6 lineup to push their redeeming qualities even further in all new versions for 2019.

While a great deal of work has been done on the aesthetics of all three wheels, a great deal of attention was put into rendering these Racing wheels more resistant and even longer lasting than ever before. Not only are the newest versions of the Racing 4, 5 and 6 made to look better under a wider range of bikes but advancements in hub design and spoke selection serve to render wheels that already had a fantastic reputation for performance and reliability even more resistant. Completely redesigned flanges on all three models with new and sophisticated designs for perfect spoke head interface make for improved integrity of both spokes and hub.

The Racing 4 continues with its highly versatile medium depth rim profile, offering an aerodynamic advantage without compromises in terms of weight or handling. New are its completely overhauled graphics and finishing in addition to its completely re-designed oversized flange, which houses straight pull spokes mated to a specific spoke-head seat for maximum integrity and long lasting performance.

The Racing 5 on the other hand at a respectable 1650 grams for the pair represents a very versatile design that puts a premium on fantastic handling thanks to its differentiated rim height. The front rim, slightly lower in profile represents an advantage in situations of crosswind while the higher profile rear wheel rim, which bears more weight and thus is less susceptible to wind interference, is both more aerodynamic and more rigid for better power transfer. The oversized flange design, slightly different from the Racing 4, also mates perfectly with straight pull spokes.

The Racing 6 and its asymmetric rear rim takes an asymmetric component, couples with an asymmetric force (drivetrain is only located on the right side) and transfers power in a symmetric manner in order, making your every pedal stroke more efficient.

The oversized flange, milled to keep weight to a minimum, mates perfectly with J-bend spokes and offers the perfect spoke angle to keep the wheel as solid and responsive as possible.

2019 sees the Racing line in aluminum with a new look and incremental gains in terms of durability. The new wheelsets are sure to please the eye more than ever before and offer Fulcrum tried and true performance for even longer than before.

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