The current Swiss time trial and former road race champion, Nicole Hanselmann, will continue to race with Team Bigla next year, when she will commence her seventh season with the squad.

The 27-year-old has been part of the team since 2013, and is excited about continuing with Team Bigla and working alongside new teammates. “I enjoy taking on new challenges and it will be a really interesting experience to be part of a team that will have such a different roster next year,” Hanselmann explained about her decision to extend her contract with the team.

I am also one of the oldest riders in the team and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge in order to support my teammates. In addition, I think that I have a good ability to read not only my opponents on the road, but also my teammates, which provides me with the opportunity to better shape race situations as they unfold,” she added.

However, next year, Hanselmann is not only looking to continue to bring her experience to the team in the service of others, but also aims to make the most out of her own opportunities. As she explains, “my goals are to defend my Swiss national individual time trial title and to improve myself overall as an athlete. Team Bigla offers me the optimal support to be able to achieve such goals.”

As Team Manager Thomas Campana explains, “Nicole has been riding with the team for six years and is a valued and experienced member of the squad. This year, she opted to concentrate on her studies, and we provided her with the opportunity to do so. As a result, her sportive development progressed somewhat slower, however, from December onwards, she has again been concentrating fully on the sport. One of her goals for the future is also to represent Switzerland at the Olympics, and we will do our utmost to help her prepare for Tokyo 2020.”

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