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The new Continental tubular Attack Comp and Force Comp introduce new technology in this area, with a differentiation in tread width, more up in the front and wider at the rear.

Continental Attack Comp is studied for the front wheel with 22 mm width; the Continental Force Comp is realized for the rear wheel with 24 mm width. In this way has increased traction and grip on the rear wheel and good handling on that front one. The tread is slick in the middle and speckled sides. Both tubes are made with 180 TPI (threads per inch) with tread with mixes "Black Chili Compound" that is made with a mix of synthetic rubber and nano particles to the 26% increase the smoothness of the 30%, rubber grip and 5% tread life. The carcass also has the Vectran Breaker puncture protection. Are available in single size 22-framed, with a weight of 240 grams for the front tube and 260 grams for the rear tube.