As already said, Santini in 2016 will have in the range two helmets Lazer custom Santini.

The first helmet is the model Z1 Santini, with closure Advanced Roll System, the helmet has a weight of 190 grams and 31 aeration holes. Available in two color combinations black / red and white / turquoise.

The second model is the helmet by Lazer O2 SANTINI, available in white / black and black / neon yellow.

Available then the new glasses Magneto M1, where the single lens of the glasses engages the lateral laces of the helmet with a magnetic clip. The system of "hooking" is adjustable both in height and depth, to adapt to all faces. The lenses are photochromic and reach the level of protection UVA - UVB 2/3.

Another interesting product is LifeBEAM, a heart rate that applies to the helmet via a sensor detects the heart rate which is then viewable on smartphones, watches and GPS devices with both technologies, ANT + Bluetooth. This eliminates the need to use the chest belt.

Finally we note that Santini by Lazer helmets can be equipped with a back light that fits inside the helmet for maximum passive safety.