Decent lights on your bike are a must if you want to travel safely by night.

The bike light collection from BBB Cycling sets itself apart from the rest because of its diversity, quality, and user-friendliness. For almost 25 years BBB takes care of the commuters, road cyclists, and mountain bikers by providing lights for their bikes that are tailored to their needs.


ScoutCombo I BLS - 116

The ScoutCombo combines the best of two worlds together and emphasizes the word ‘Combo’. The rear light is integrated into the design so that the user always has a head- and rear light. You can choose to ride with only the headlight on or with both options. The aluminum casing makes the ScoutCombo robust and keeps the weight just under 100 grams.

The ScoutCombo is capable of shining in four different modes and is USB rechargeable. Therefore fear for empty batteries is a thing of the past. Because of its low weight, the SpyCombo can be perfectly mounted on top of your helmet. You can easily scout the terrain for any obstacles or oncoming traffic by using the 200-lumen strong front beam.

Features & Specs

200 Lumen XPG CREE and 10 lumen rear COB (Chips on board) LED.

USB rechargeable.

Battery indicator.

Water resistant.

Aluminum casing.

4 Front modes: low beam, standard beam, high beam and flash beam.

3 Combo modes: flash/ flash, steady/ flash and steady/ steady.

Lithium polymer internal battery pack (1000mAh, 3.7V).

Helmetmount included (BLS-70).

Micro-USB cable included.

Weight: 100 grams (bracket included).

Size: 31 x 32 x 86 mm.

Color: black/blue.

Recommended retail price: €59.95



SpyCombo I BLS – 127

The SpyCombo USB is the most recent addition to the bike lights collection from BBB and combines innovation with user-friendliness. Thanks to its compact design it is possible to mount the Spy almost everywhere or on anything. You can even mount it on your dog’s collar! If you want to….

The SpyCombo USB is capable of shining in a 180-degree radius so that oncoming traffic can easily see you. The BLS-127 is USB rechargeable, can be carried everywhere due to its compact size, and can shine in three different modes. Small in size, but large in possibilities.

Features & Specs

Set of Spy USB (BLS-125) headlight and Spy USB (BLS-126) rear light.

1 White LED.

1 Red LED

USB rechargeable.

Battery indicator.

Water resistant.

3 Modes: high beam, low beam and flash beam.

Lithium polymer internal battery pack (220mAh 3.7V).

Mini-USB cable included.

Weight: 52 grams.

Size: 31 x 42 x 37 mm (single light).

Helmet/arm mount and strap included.

Color: black.

Recommended retail price: €59.95


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