Track your goals with the Nanoboard

Nanoboard lets you set your goals and track all your data

What’s more important than chasing your goals? Keeping track of your rides while chasing them of course. And that’s exactly what you do with the NanoBoard of BBB Cycling. This smart tiny device has an extremely simple to use, single button interface. All the data from your ride is easy to read thanks to the big screen. The external TPU cover protects the NanoBoard from scratches and water damage on the inside.

This computer is ready to track all your rides and provide you of the most important on-the-ride details such as speed, trip distance, time and total amount of distance covered. And when you’re planning to lose weight through exercising, the top model NanoBoard (BCP-36W) has a smart calorie function which calculates how many calories you burned during your ride. This way you keep track of your ride and your body.

The BBB NanoBoard is available in various options, ranging from 7 to 14 functions, where the two top models are also wireless. Only the BCP-25 is available in four different color options. So when you feel like matching, go for this one!


Wired computer with 7 functions:

Current speed

Trip distance



Auto scan

Auto start/stop

Low battery indicator

Versatile bracket for handlebar or stem.

Easy operation by a single button.

Waterproof casing.

Battery included.

Colors: black/silver, black/red, black/blue and black/green.

Recommended retail price: from €24,95.


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