Deuter Bike: Bike 1

Tradition is cool!

This Deuter pack carries a clear message: Heritage! Time flies... The forefather of all bike backpacks has turned 25. Having received an intense live-cell therapy, it is now destined to become one of the coolest packs around. As for its design, a mix of its glorious past, but also for its technical qualities this hipster is more than upto-date. As a result, the Bike 1 is an excellent companion for a day tour, off the roads, or around town – and with an extra dash of style if choosing the Limited Edition.

Back in the days, it was pioneering work: 26 years ago, Deuter and the "inventor" of the Transalp, Andi Heckmair, developes the world’s very first backpack explicitly designed for mountain biking. This pack, with its sophisticated functions and colorful appearance, was seen with countless mountain bikers, and now loyal to its history, comes in the Limited Edition featuring the distinctive colors of the time: yellow, violet, and magenta!

The Bike One 's trendy design will certainly generate special attention. Every size of the model comes in a different, elegant, urban as well as strong and sporty color combination. Overall, the line is characterized by their unusual and casual formal language including the large front pocket with the obvious, reflective horizontal stripe.

But the Bike One wouldn't be a Deuter product if it was only for its appearance. Naturally, it also features a sophisticated back system: The Airstripes ensure excellent ventilation and a close fit. The integrated helmet attachment and the detachable rain cover stow away quickly. The large, zipped front pocket with organizer sleeves and key clip offers plenty of well-arranged space for your wallet, tools, and much more. And the Bike One has really arrived in the "here and now"! There's not only a compartment for a map, but also for a smartphone at the back – always in reach, and also well-protected from rain.

The Bike One is available in a 14 or 20-liter size. The SL women's version holds 18 liters, and the Air EXP with Flex Lite mesh back has a capacity of 16 liters.


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