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Busy city traffic in the dark requires high visibility of any cyclist. BBB Cycling has a complete range of lights that has your back. The all new ScoutCombo makes sure you’ll get noticed out there. It combines two bright lights in one package. The bundle of the headlight shines far enough to light the road in front of you. And the extra bright COB LED at the rear makes sure you’re noticed at the back as well. The compact size of the lightweight ScoutCombo lets you install this beacon of light on your helmet. This way you’ll get noticed in every direction you’re looking. The four modes of the front beam and 3 modes of the combo light gives you plenty of options to choose from. The ScoutCombo is the most versatile commuter light available.

Product specifications:

200 Lumen XPG CREE and 10 lumen rear COB (Chips on board) LED.

USB rechargeable.

Battery indicator.

Water resistant.

Aluminum casing.

4 Front modes: low beam, standard beam, high beam and flash beam.

3 Combo modes: flash/ flash, steady/ flash and steady/ steady.

Lithium polymer internal battery pack (1000mAh, 3.7V).

Helmetmount included (BLS-70).

Micro-USB cable included.

Weight: 100 grams (bracket included).

Size: 31 x 32 x 86 mm.

Color: black/blue.

Recommended retail price: €69,95


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